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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  December 8, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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look at the belt there. >> good morning, yeah. we have high standing water on the southbound side of route 1 in beltsville. i'll step out of the way so you can see what we have here on the scene. you can see all of the public works trucks that are here. they basically have the far right lanes of the southbound side of route 1 blocked off. maybe you can see the reflection here in the water. we've got some high standing water. they can't let traffic drive through. what they're doing is they're allowing people to travel southbound in that center turn lane. so we have one late jenning by in the normal lane northbound and then one lane going south using that turn lane. so it's not an ideal situation, but volume is very light. we're not seeing any real build up of traffic at this point. this is what it looks like earlier, though. we had a lot of water. this lane is closed in both directions. the good news is the water has
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started to recede. it is on the southbound side of the road. we're expecting it to continue to pullback as the morning wears on. at least at this point, we have two-way traffic on route 1 in beltsville. back to you in the studio. >> megan, thanks so much. and tom is here now to take a look at the forecast. the snow threat has passed. what's today going to look like? >> yeah, much colder and winter has returned. this time yesterday morning, we were in the low 60s in some locations. now we've dropped 30 degrees. we're down into the low 30s in much of the region, an enormous change. here we were yesterday, this is 12 ours ago, 5:00 yet afternoon. those pockets of yellow and orange, those were the heavy downpours and we continued to have some heavy downpours coming through. then, by around 10:00, we had a burst of snow just west and northwest of i-95. it didn't last very long and as a result we got no accumulation and the ground temperatures, of course, were quite warm and any accumulation just would have been only on grassy areas.
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however, there was some up in northern frederick county, maryland, and parts of washington county western maryland. out of the highlands of west virginia, they got up to 7 inches of snow from that system. right now, it is cold throughout much of the region we're near freezing or below freezen. wlu ridge east is in the low 30s. and near 40 by the way. windchills are down into the 20s. we've got that wind gusting around 30 miles per hour. so layer up this morning. here is yo here is your day planner. sunny, but breezy and cold this morning. highs only in the mid 40s. here is a loot your morning commute. good morning. if you're traveling southbound route one at ammendale road, to continue southbound, stay in the center lane. the lane was completely blocked by high standing water. kroos crews are working to clear
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that now. if you're traveling on route 1, seeing closures due to high standing water and water street and main street, all your lanes are blocked because of high standing water. checking for accidents and as well as travel speed, you can see in the green, that means that you're clear in both directions, not seeing any major delays for you. here is the view at prince william parkway. no issues for you as we continue through the springfield interchange. eats a clear commute on to 395. joe and eun, back to you. >> thanks so much. the wind and rain are to blame for some power outages in the area. almost 500 of those outages are in the district. dominion says 1800 of its customers are in the dark. allegheny power, bge and novak have a few pour out aes edge
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each. charles county public schools wv a two-hour delay and code 2 for employees. shennendoah county schools will open two hours late. schools in pendelton county, west virginia, we have a two-hour delay today. standard & poors issued a new warning that it may downgrade the aaa rating of the european union because of the debt crisis. earlier this week, s&p said it was considering downgrading several countries, including germany and france. the ratings agency says it hopes to conclude its assessment on the euro zone countries after tomorrow's crucial summit in brussels. the news sent stocks down around the world, including the asian stock markets. right now, european and u.s. futures are down. this morning, we're learning that even more fallen soldiers remains from dover air force base have apparently been dumped in a virginia landfill. "the washington post" reports that the incinerated partial remains of at least 274 u.s. service members were sent to the
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king george county landfill. that's far more than the military initially acknowledged. the families had authorized the military to dispose of the bodies respectfully. this morning, a rockville woman was fighting for her life after being hit by a bus. investigators say a montgomery county ride-on bus struck the woman as she was crossing the street. the victim was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. police are trying to figure out exactly what went wrong and who was at fault. this morning, the search is on for a man who sexually assaulted a woman in a laundry room. police say a man attacked a woman in gaithersburg yesterday morning. the woman told police the man followed her into the laundry room, pulled out a knife and then assaulted her. if you have any information, call police. a teenager is in custody this morning in connection with the stabbing of a teenage girl outside of a silver spring high school on tuesday night.
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police arrested 17-year-old breanna funes of silver spring yesterday. they're charmglinging her as an adult with attempted murder, assault and other counts. police say she admits to stabbing the 17-year-old victim several times outside northwood high school after the victim got into a fight with one of her friends. that victim is expected to survive. president obama and republicans remain at odds this morning on how to pass legislation that will prevent you from paying more taxes starting next year. the president is tlenting to veto any bill to renew payroll tax cuts and unemployment coverage if that pill includes knit controversial attachments. republican leaders, meanwhile, are trying to unify their party around legislation that will extend this year's 2 percentage point reduction in the payroll tax for another year. that tax cut is set to expire at the end of the year. today, thousands will protest at the capital and around the country, calling for an extension of unemployment benefits. people will gather for what's being called a national prayer
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vigil for the unemployment. it's part of the four-day take back the capital protests on the mall. the afl-cio is coordinating similar protests at congressional district offices around the country. unemployment benefits for many are set to expire at the end of this year unless congress can agree to an extension. meanwhile, traffic in d.c. is expected to be a little better today after thousands marched through downtown as part of occupy d.c. 61 people were arrested for blocking the intersection at 16th and k streets northwest. they were charged with obstructing a public highway. another person was arrested and charged with assaulting a police officer. it was all part of the group's day of action for the protesters. vincent gray is speaking out for the first time since the fbi and raid on harry thomas jr.'s home. up until now, the mayor has said that the legal process should play out before any action is taken. but yesterday after a press
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conference to welcome a big boxing match to the district this weekend, the mayor went more in-depth, talking about the toll the probe is taken on the city and on thomas's family. >> assuming that it's true, it's a bad situation. again, i can't get into the details of it because i really don't know that many details about it. i know him, i've known him families for years. this has to be a very difficult situation, you know, for them. >> thomas is accused of using $300,000 of government funds earmarked for a youth charity group for personal use including expensive trips and the purchase of a luxury suv. back behind bars, the latest allegations facing jerry sandusky. new developments in the search for a florida mother who vanished after appearing on a television court show. the rain is gone, but the cold has rolled in for you as
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time for weather and traffic on the 1s. good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein in storm center 4. over the last 12 hours, we had that rain and snow system come through. as of 8:00 yesterday, we had moderate rain in the metro yeah. later in the evening, by about 9:30, 10:00, we had wet snowflakes coming down in our western and northern suburbs and it quickly exited and moved off to the north and east. now we've cleared out and temperatures are cold. we're down near freezing throughout much of the region. windchills are down into the 20s. winds are gusting to around 30 miles per hour. so you do need to layer up this
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morning. winter has returned and it's going to be a cold day with sunshine, a blustery wind this morning into the low to mid 40s during the afternoon with sunshine. a mostly clear evening down to the mid 30s by midnight. a look at this cold pattern into the weekend and next week at 5:21. danella, how is traffic? >> cold day to take the rails, but so far, no reported delays on the metro, the mark of the bre. outer loop, you're at 61 miles per hour. around route 50 on the inner loop, 59 miles per hour. if you're crossing over the wilson bridge, i'll give you a live look at that right now. seeing green in both directions. no major delays at all and no accidents as you make your way across in either direction. joe and eun, back to you. >> danella, thanks. ahead on news 4 today, words of warnings. why some say drivers who use the
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dulles toll road could be in for a case of heartburn. plus, he held up a flight after a loud argument for a flight attendant.
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good morning and welcome back. a helicopter crash has killed five people including the chopper's pilot. the four passengers were on a tour of the las vegas strip and the hoover dam. the helicopter was operated by sun dance helicopters. the security guard is the lake meade recreation area said he heard the crash and saw smoke at a nearby water treatment facility. investigators are trying to figure out how the helicopter went down, but the crash site is only accessible by helicopter.
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meteorologists say skies were clear at the time with about a 5 miles per hour wind. authorities reportedly found missing mother michelle parker's phone. she was last saw on the same day she appeared on the tv show "the people's court" with her former fiancee. the two were fighting over a $5,000 engagement ring. smith is the father of her twins. this morning, former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky is waking up in sdwral again, but he could post bail as early as today. in court documents, one of the accusers told a georgia that authorities assaulted him in the basement. authorities say that he, quote, screamed for help knowing sandusky's wife was upstairs, but she never came down to help.
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sandusky's attorney maintains his client's innocence. >> how would you take it if you were facing the kind of charges he was facing? he and his wife and his children are all devastated by this. >> a judge set bail at $250. sandusky is due in court next tuesday when the two newest victims are expected to testify. so far, sandusky faces more than 40 counts of child sex abuse involving ten victims over a 5-year span. all of the victims met sandusky through the charity that he founded. it's called the second mile. now that nonprofit announced that it is laying off some of its staff. the group said it was, quote, lost significant financial support in the wake of the allegations that have come forward in the last weeks. its chief executive resigned last month. state charges have been dropped against former syracuse assistant basketball coach
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bernie fine. the county district attorney williams fitzpatrick says despite both of fine's accusers being credible, the statute prevents him from filing charges in new york. however, fine still faces federal charges for abusing two boys in the 80s and the 90s. now former house speaker newt gingerich may be surging towards the top of the polls, but apparently that has some of his former colleagues somewhat nervous. gingerich has been reaching out to mend fences with some on capitol hill. none of the republican members interviewed this week would express confidence that gingerich has the discipline to outlast mitt romney. they say he has a lot of baggage and that his colleagues have not forgotten that. gingerich led the house during two government shutdowns. he had an ethics violation for a book deal and had an affair with a white house aid with a woman who is now his current wife
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while trying to impeach then president bill clinton. meanwhile, mitt romney is preparing for the long haul and that could go into the summer. the campaign has collected more than 1300 endorsements across 44 states and puerto rico. gingerich has collected fewer than two dozen in six states. romney's campaign is taking advantage of a new party rule that proportionally divides how candidates get delegates and that's different from the winner take all approach the last time. meteorologist tom kierein is here to tell us more about what happened overnight and this very cold weather we're experiencing right now. >> good'll be looking at your window going, where is the snow? i thought you said it was going to snow. well, it did, but it didn't last long enough and it wasn't cold enough for it to stick. now, let's go back over the last 12 hours. here in this white area, we did get some snow. in fact, it did stick in northern frederick county into washington county. much of western maryland, a lot of west virginia, some of the
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higher ridges got 7 inches of that snow. this was as of 8:00 last evening. around 9:30, 10:00, we did get a burst of snow in montgomery coun county, parts of loundoun. ground temperatures were just so warm and then it quickly moved away. it didn't last long enough for anything to stick. as a result, because of that speed and those ground temperatures, we did not get any local accumulations. sorry, snow lovers. but most of us are happy, the commuters are happy. temperatures are above freezing now. we're in the mid 30s. montgomery, arlington, fairfax, all the way to the blue ridge. watch out for icy spots there. we have high water and runoff from all the rain we had yesterday. look at the windchills. we're down into the 20s. layer up, it's a wintry cold morning and it's going to be a wintry cold day.
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sunrise, 7:14. we'll have some sun and thank l thankfully the winds will diminish into this afternoon. tonight, cold down to the mid 20s by dawn friday and partly cloudy tomorrow. highs, mid 40s. a sunny, but cold weekend. morning lows. 20s saturday and sunday. it may warm up a little bit next week, but still pretty cold and we'll get partly cloudy tuesday and wednesday. danella, how is traffic? good morning. so far, seeing high water in some areas. if you're traveling route 1 southbound at ammendale, now crews have cleared one of your southbound lanes, which is good because now you can travel north and southbound on route 1. use caution in the area. if you're in upper marlboro, still seeing closure on water street at main street. high standing water there. if you're traveling in d.c., not seeing any issues right now. traffic is moving quite knight nicely and no crashes to report at this time.
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traveling on 395 into virginia, you're clear, as well. here is your view at duke street. travel speed if you're going northbound, you're at 60 miles per hour as you make your way across the 14th street bridge and head into the city. joe, back to you. >> thank you very much, danella. marc passengers are pushing back over proposed changes to the service. the ridership says the change issues should be delayed until planned hearings are held. marc had planned on taking eight travel trains out. the goal is to make service more reliable, marc says, so trains don't have to slow down when following each other. but riders say it leaves commuters with fewer options and rider feedback should be considered. your commute could be costing you a lot more in coming years. the metropolitan washington airport authority says the drivers can expect to see toll
5:24 am
increases for the next several years. that money will help pay for the dulles project. airports authority warns that it expects to see more increases in 2013 and beyond. in the day ahead, a congressional committee will review airport screening technology. lawmakers will hear about privacy concerns in the closed door hearing. the administrator of the dsa is expected to testify. actor alec baldwin is now apologizing to passengers on the flight he was removed from. the 30 rock star says he was singled out for playing words with friends on his ipad even thor though other passengers were using electronic twices, as well. he has since deactivated his twitter account. it turns out a trip north of the border is what it takes for
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the capitals to snap their losing streak. some of the caps big stars finally got into the action. nicholas beckstram started the third period. alex ovechkin scored his first goal in five games. kaboom. nice job. post benedict xvi had the honor of turning on the lights of a huge christmas display. >> but because of technology, he didn't even have to leave his apartment in the vatican. he used his sony tablet s to light the display. before lighting the tree, the pope said may everyone become the light for those who are not next to him. >> good thing he didn't hit the wrong button and delete them all. >> isn't that cool?
5:26 am
wouldn't it be neat to use a tablet to get everything done, start the laundry. a new report found in d.c. public schools. >> plus, we're watching the roads after heavy rain leaves
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brad, where we going? just a second. just, just one second.
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at 5:30, there are some school delays to report. this school system will open two hours late, charles county with a code 2 for employees. shennendoah county schools and pendelton county schools in west virginia, these three county skool school systems will all open two hours late. so charles today, pendelton and shennendoah county schools. good morning. the rain is making it tough for people to get to work today. megan mcgrath is live in beltsville with a look at the roads there. megan, good morning to you. >> good morning, eun yang.
5:30 am
traffic is now traveling in a normal rain. they're no longer having to use the center turn lane. take a look behind me. you can see the crews wv on the scene. we have high standing water in the far lane in the southbound direct on route 1. so north and southbound traffic has been reestablished. take a look, though, at what the situation was overnight. we had water crossing the entire roadway at one point. there was actually a rescue, someone in a car got trapped by the water as it rushed across the roadway. . though, the rain has stopped and the water has begun to recede. so we have seen an improvement. just through this small area here in the 11,000 block. that's where we're seeing the water in the far right lane. they're here, watching it. we're not seeing much in the way of delays here. volume is still light. >> megan, thanks so much. always a reminder, when we have heavy rains, it's
5:31 am
inevitable. someone always drives through or tries to drive through high waters. >> i think it's the same person over and over. >> slow learner. >> not watching us clearly, huh? >> yeah. and we get it every time and we're dealing with the run off from yesterday's rain. reagan national, over 3 inches of rain yesterday. that set a daily record in a lot of areas. this is what we looked like yesterday at 5:30 in the afternoon. we had heavy rain, pockets of yellow and orange, those are the heavy downpours. then that area of white, that was the snow that started late in the afternoon and then crept off to the east as we got into the evening hours. then by about 9:30, 10:00, the snow was into our western and northern suburbs for a brief time. it was such a fast-moving storm, it just did not last long enough to stick to anything. and as a result, we have dried out. but it did stick out into the mountains. many locations got up to 7 inches of snow in the higher
5:32 am
elevations. but now it's cleared out and we got some snow. blue wij west, watch out, there are slick spots there. blue ridge east, most areas are a little above freezing. winds are blowing at around 25 miles per hour. the wechs are down into the 20s. layer up. heading off to work and school on this thursday morning. sunrise, 7:14 been a sunny day, but blustery and cold this morning. highs in the mid 40s this afternoon. good morning. still looking pretty good if you're traveling in virginia. here is look at i-66 at sully road, getting a little bit of volume as you head east towards the beltway. here is a view of fairfax county parkway. eastbound lanes, not seeing any issues for you there. if you're traveling westbound, you're in the clear. eastbound, 60 miles per hour and to get from the fairfax county parkway, that trip will take you 11 minutes. on the rail, seeing two minor delays. camden 481, your delay is six
5:33 am
minutes. no reported delays on the metro. back to you. 5:33 now. new census data shows that the income gap is widening between whites and inner-city african-americans. part of the reason, a rising black middle class is moving away from industrial cities and into southern suburbs. the typical white person earned income about 1.7 times higher than blacks, the whitest ratio since the 1990s. the biggest increase in inequality was seen in detroit, chicago, philadelphia and milwaukee. meanwhile, the number of black households earning less than $15,000 a year climbed from 20 to 26% over the past decade. here in the district, there is also a major gap between black and white students' performances in school. that's according to a new federal study. according to the national assessment of education progress, d.c. public schools have the largest achievement gap of any major urban school system in the country. among fourth graders, for
5:34 am
example. black students scored an average of 212 points out of a possible 500 on a math test while white students scored 272, with 60 points higher. education advocates say the district can close that education gap by giving more money to schools in poor areas. this morning, we're learning that even more fallen soldiers remains from dover air force base have apparently been dumped in a virginia landfill. "the washington post" reports that the incinerated partial remains of at least 274 service members were sent to the king george county landfill, far more than the air force initially acknowledged. the families of the fallen soldiers had authorized the military to dispose of the remains respectfully. they were apparently unaware of the landfill dumping. firefighters in montgomery county are investigating a fire that happened in a basement overnight on cambria avenue in garrett park. firefighters arrived to find heavy fire and smoke and were
5:35 am
able to quickly put out the fire. no injuries are reported, but investigators are still trying to determine the cause. prince georges county police say a thief used a super hero disguise to rob a bank. take a look at the security photos. the suspect was wearing a spider-man mask when he walked into the bb&t bank in ft. washington. the suspect showed his gun to the bank tellers and handed her a note demanding cash. no one was hurt been. today, virginia tech is fighting a fine by the u.s. education department over its handling of the shootings on campus. at issue is whether the university did enough to protect students from the april 2007 shootings. the parents testified that they had no reason to believe their kids knew of a safety threat on the campus as they walked into class that morning. the clerk will decide whether the school violated the clary act by not warning the campus sufficiently as two students were found shot in their dorm room. the education department fined the school $55,000.
5:36 am
there's a new twist in the debate over a bill that will prevent you from paying more taxes. republicans have a plan to extend the payroll tax cut by attaching controversial legislation about an oil pipeline to the bill. president obama, though, is vowing to veto any such plan. nbc's tracie potts is live on capitol hill now with more. good rng month. >> reporter: good morning. we're talking about that 2% you got off your payroll taxes, your social security taxes this past year, trying to extend that into next year. now, republicans want to link the approval of this controversial oil pile line that would run almost 2,000 miles through the middle of america. environmentalists have expressed concerns about possible leaks, about white house gas emissions. the administration had put off dealing with this until after the election, but now republicans say this could create jobs. 20,000 much needed construction jobs as well as over 100,000 other related jobs. so they want to see an approval sooner, possibly within 60 days,
5:37 am
and they're trying to link it to the current debate over the payroll tax cuts. yesterday with the prime minister of canada, president obama said be on notice. i will not approve any payroll tax cut extension that includes these extra issues, including the oil pipeline. as he put it, congress should do the people's business and not load it up with a bunch of politics. but there are real concerns by republicans of quickly bankrupting social security by trying to pay for this payroll tax cut extension. of course, it expires at the end of the month. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us, tracie, thanks so much. time right now is 5:38. weighing in on the latest scandal to hit the d.c. council. >> ever wonder if anyone cares what you're saying on twitter? it turns out those messages will live on forever. where you'll soon be able to find everything you've ever tweeted. good-bye rain, hello cold.
5:38 am
a chilly morning for you as you head out the door. we'll have a look at the forecast with weather and traffic on the 1s next. to make a commitment is to see things through. confident that no matter what the obstacles we can build something better, together. with the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile, we're making a commitment, to create a stronger network for all our customers. we will invest an additional eight billion dollars and build out the next generation of mobile broadband to nearly everyone in america. that'll mean better coverage and call quality and faster downloads. but it will also create as many as ninety-six thousand american jobs. and we will begin bringing five thousand jobs to america from overseas. we're committed to investing in america now. why? well, we know it's good business. because america has always been and always will be a smart investment.
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[ coughing continues ] [ female announcer ] more pollution from power plants means more childhood asthma attacks. [ labored breathing ] there's technology that makes the air cleaner, but too many plants don't use it. we can't wait. epa must update power plant standards to protect our kids. [ baby coughing ] to protect our kids. your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at good morning. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. 5:31 on this thursday morning.
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here is where we were yesterday afternoon around 5:30. pocket of heavy and moderate rain in areas around the metro. it was snowing out in the mountains. later in the evening, around 8:30, 9:00, that snow headed east and we had heavy rains around washington. some of that snow came in around 9:00, 10:00, but it didn't last long enough to stick to anything. it quickly moved away and as a result, we didn't get any accumulation on grassy areas locally, but it certainly did accumulate out in the mountains. up to 7 inches fell there. right now, we've cleared out. we've got a gusty wind. windchills are down into the 20s. temperatures down into the 30s. blue ridge east, mid 30s. later today, highs reaching low to mid 40s. overnight tonight, clear and cold. we'll be down into the mid 30s by midnight. a look at friday into the weekend in ten minutes. danella, show traffic? >> good morning. still left some high standing water on some of the roadways. water street is closed at main
5:42 am
street. flooding, blocking all lanes in both directions. use caution in that area. i'm starting to see some conguston if you're traveling along i-270. you can see a lot of red heading out of traffic. heading southbound, starting around urbana and as you head towards clarkburg road, you're ahead traveling i-70 southbound. you can see southbound lanes nice and open. traveling northbound on i-270, no issues there. joe and eun, back to you. 5:43 is the time. e-books are growing in popularity. the investigation now involving what you're charged to download books. plus, no ordinary troublemaker. the creditor behind an
5:43 am
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5:45 am
today, thousands will march on the capital pleading with congress to extend unemployment
5:46 am
benefits. people will gather for what's being called a national prayer vigil for the unemployed. that's part of a four-daypro test to, quote, take back the capital. the afl-cio is coordinating around the country. unemployment benefits are set to expire at the end of the year. meanwhile, dozens of occupy d.c. protesters were arrested as part of a huge organized march in downtown washington. 61 people were arrested for blocking the intersection of 16th and k streets northwest. they were charged with obstructing a public highway. another person was arrested and charged with assaulting a police officer. it was part of the group's day of action for the protester pes. for the first time since ward five council member harry thomas jr.'s home was raided by the fbi and irs, the mayor is speaking out about the investigation. up until now, gray has said only that the legal process should play out before any action is taken. yesterday, after a press conference to welcome a big boxing match to the district this weekend, he went into --
5:47 am
went more into depth talking about the toll the probe is taking on the city and on thomas's family. >> assuming that it's true, of course it's a bad situation. again, i can't get into the details of it because i really don't know that many details about it. i've known him, i've known his family for years. i know his mother, i know his father. and he's something i've known. i know his wife, i know their kids. this has got to be a very difficult situation for them. >> thomas is accused of using $ $300,000 of funds earmark eed f children's charity groups for personal use. heavy rains last last night forced road closures including the appropriately named water street. tracey will kin sess live with more. tracey, have they been able to pull the plug on water street yet? >> no, not yet. water street is still full of
5:48 am
water. they have it blocked off in both directions. this means if you're coming off of the route 4 and you want to get on to water street, you want to get back on to water street and make your way down this way. this is near the entrance of the courthouse there. that creek has flooded its banks. take a close look here. this is from all that rain that we received last night. this has been the case in marlboro for the last few years. when we get heavy rains, it floods down here. it wasn't always the case. some land orthopedics say part of the problem is all the construction that's been happening here in upper marlboro that's been affecting what's happening with the waterways here, as well. that's up for debate, but definitely, every time we get heavy rain, specifically in this area at marlboro, and at times it could stretch to other ends of the city. they have it blocked. know if this is part of your commute route, it is blocked until that water subsides. i'm tracey wilkins, back to you all in the studio, joe.
5:49 am
>> tracey, thanks very much. too many kierein is here to break down the water for us. it was 60 degrees yesterday and now it's down in the 30s. >> the change between now and then, huge. we had@of rain where tracey was. reagan national had 3.1 inches of rain. that sets a daily record there. temperatures under a clear sky is at 36 degrees. it really did drop. in fact, we were in the low 60s yesterday morning around this time. winds out of the west-northwest, it's begin to go relax, thankfully, because just an hour or so ago, it was gusting over 30 miles per hour. but still, it is a bit blustery. now, this is what it looks like 12 hours ago. those areas in yellows and orange, those are the pockets of the heavy rain and that white on the left of your screen, that was snow. it was snowing out of the mountains of western maryland, much of west virginia. as we got into the evening hours, that snow advanced to the east and the storm began to pick up its speed. as it did, it pulled away
5:50 am
quickly, although there was a burst of snow across northern virginia and much of maryland by around 9:30 last evening. then it quickly moved off to the north and east of us. by 10:30, 11:00, it was beginning to pull away. and by midnight, it had cleared out of the region and we were drying out after that. so it didn't last long enough to stick to anything. plus, of course, the ground turns were so warm, it wouldn't have stuck to much of anything, anyway. temperatures right now, it would stick if it was this cold. we're down to the freezing mark from the blue ridge east of the mountains president right now we're in the 30s in most locations. it is above freezing in most areas, includes montgomery, prince georges, fairfax. near the bay it's milder, near 40 degrees. windchills are down into the 20s. even though the winds have relaxed a bit, it's still a rude awakening as you step out the door this morning. it's in the low to mid 20s for our windchills. that's what it feels like. sunrise, 7:14.
5:51 am
we'll have sun and the wind will diminish as we climb into the low 40s to mid 40s midafternoon. then this evening, mostly clear, cold again, down to the mid 30s by migdnight. tomorrow, we will have our temperatures into the mid 20s and during the day the mid 40s during the afternoon. then on saturday and sunday, sunny both days and remaining dry into next week, but a bit milder. now, danella, how is traffic? >> well, it is cold outside, but we're having some conguston, bill, to help you keep warm. traveling on the inner loop, getting a little busy around route one aus make your way into green belt. outer loop, around i-95, no major delays just yet. i am starting to see a slowdown on i-95 this time in virginia at prince william parkway heading northbound. your delays, it's kind of stop and go for you, but no major
5:52 am
delays and no accidents to report just yesterday on i-95. chopper 4 is live over route one. earlier, we had route 1 shut down in all directions due to the flooding there. right now, you can see crews are working, but you have your southbound lanes open and your northbound lanes open, as well. i'm back in 10 minutes with another look at your traffic, joe and eun, back to you. 5:53 now. we have bad news if you take the dulles toll road to work. your commute could cost you a lot more in the coming years. the metropolitan's washington airport authority says drivers can expect to see toll increases over the next years. that money will pay pay for the dulles road project. it expects to see more increases in 2013 and beyond. marc passengers are pushing back over proposed cuts to train service. marc had planned to take eight
5:53 am
routes out of the county. the goal is to make service more reliable so trains don't have to slow down when following each other. but the riders advisory council says the changes should be delayed until public hearings are held. riders say the chaijs changes leave commuters with fewer options and rider feedback should be considered first. a contract extension was connected to boeing's new plant in south carolina. employees were upset that the plant was not unionized and accused boeing of retaliation. but the two sides came to an agreement late last night. this new contract gives workers a 2% salary increase each year as well as guaranteed protected pensions. are you paying too much for those books you can read on your ipad or other tablet? the federal government wants to know. the department of justice is launching an investigation into
5:54 am
anti-competitive behavior in the pricing of e ebooks. the doj won't say who it's investigating, but the european union is investigating apple and five ebook publishers for similar complaints. the white house is defending kathleen sebelius's decision to overrule the fda and keep restrictions on the so-called morning after pim in place. the fda had planned on lifting the age restriction on the controversial contra septemberive. sebelius decided to keep the restrictions in place. that means girls under the age of 17 would need a prescription. she says some girls as young as 11 are physically able to have the pill physically, but argue that they're not ready to handle the emotional sides of the morning-after pill. millions of people can soon brag that their work will be archived in the library of congress. that's right. twitter is working on archiving every single tweet ever created into the world's largest
5:55 am
library, whether it's a picture of your dinner or response to a celebrity. it is going in the history books. the project is part of a study to catch the mood of the public during certain news events. twitter processes more than 140 million tweets a day, but the archives won't contain any tweets that users have protected. all of these people are changing settings on their twitter account. oprah apparently does not love culpepper, virginia. oprah's network, own and the bbc will not be using culpepper as the setting for a new show, lovetown usa. apparently culpepper's unpredictable weather may have been a deciding factor in the producer's decision to film their reality show somewhere else. the fandemonium sweep stakes is back. this friday, the 9th, that's tomorrow, four people will win
5:56 am
$1,000 each. then on december 16th, one person will win $4,000. all you have to do is sign up on washington's nbc washington's facebook page. you must enter weekly for a chance to win in that friday's grand drawing. sign up now. we've heard of students pulling the fire alarm as a prank, right? >> but at one florida school, security cameras caught a very different type of squirrel lly prankster. check this out. yes, that is a squirrel. he gets about five foot up and then hangs on to the leaver of the fire alarm, setting the alarm off. and you'll notice that he does not hang around to get caught. the sound probably scared the you know what out of him. the squirrel remains a legend in the manatee county school district and has been used to justify extra money for the district maintenance department. anything that justifies that is probably a good thing.
5:57 am
>> i don't know. can you stop a squirrel from doing what he's going to do? maybe keep et out of the building. coming, did nasa catch a ufo
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning. which areas you should avoid this morning at all costs due to flooding. good morning to you. and the wind and rain are to blame for had some power outages this morning. right now, pepco is reporting 2400 out aenls up in the past hour. almost 2,000 of them are here in the district. dominion workers have restored service to nearly 1700 passengers in the past hour. right now, they tell us only 162 customers are in the dark. allegheny power, bge and novak have a few out aenls each and speco has zero outages. the weather is causing school delays as well this morning. charles county public schools schools in maryland will open two hours late today. schools in virginia and schools in pendelton county west virginia will have a two hour delay. a few snowflakes fell overnight. the big concern is


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